In keeping with our mission of “supporting authors, communities, and mission-driven non-profits through story,” we want to work with authors to bring projects to life that reflect the author’s personal mission while aligning with Flexible Press’s values. Each project will include materially supporting a related non-profit. 


We are a small boutique press, so we will only be handing a very limited number of projects a year. 

At the moment, we are interested in novels, but could be easily talked into a collection of short stories. We are probably set for anthologies for 2020-21. 

We publish literary fiction. 

We are excited to support authors in their journey. It’s a tough world out there. This means a few things:

  • Authors do not pay anything. This is not one of those businesses. That said, sometimes people want to do some stuff on their own, like hire a publicist. Go for it. We don’t sell services. We sell books. 
  • Bad news: we don’t have the resources to pay an advance. Good news: we offer VERY author-friendly terms. 
  • We will do whatever we can to make you successful. However, we have a very limited capacity to do promotion, and it’ll be up to the author to bust tail and sell their books (BTW, this is true for new authors at large publishing houses as well). 
  • Part of being author-centric is that we want to put your best interests first. For example, if you have an excellent novel but you haven’t even tried to get an agent yet, don’t be shocked if we recommend you try that first. We are full of free advice like that. 
  • However, if you have been rejected over and over, know that you are not alone. There are a world of great books out there that don’t get picked up by big publishers. Why? Usually because they are not easy to slot. Agents and publishers want books that can described in less than a sentence: “The Crying Game meets Huck Finn.” We think that’s their loss. 
  • Speaking of agents, we are interested in working directly with authors. Although, it’s never a bad idea to have someone look over any contract. 

We look forward to reading your work!

Flexible Press